Poll: Chromatic Mordents


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Fellow musicians, after much discussion, we’ve come up with notation for chromatic/atonal mordents (it’s all Majora’s fault), with the solution provided by our very own Liam Greenough in the picture above.

These would completely replace the classical mordents we know from the Baroque, since frequent use has made it necessary to always specify the interval at which the ornament is.

We would like to know what you think of these, if they seem sensible and functional to you, or not. If you vote no, please also explain why in a comment, otherwise we will see no reason to count your vote.

Thank you.

P.S: If you’ve already voted on Twitter, please don’t vote here.

2 Responses to “Poll: Chromatic Mordents”

  1. They are easy enough to decipher what they mean and are an efficient way to clean up the score. And I’m sure no player will be offended by an updated use of an old notation.

  2. As a trombonist I rarely see or use the mordents, but whenever I saw some on fellow musicians’ sheets I was confused as to how they knew what was the good interval. I was only more confused when I was told that it depends… What an anwser!

    This notation is clear enough that I can see in a glimpse what is the interval.

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