Merry Moonmas


December is here, and with it, a wallpaper for you.

Assembled by yours truly, it’s made from the set silhouettes drawn by Mariana Freitas which were used in the Clock Town demo.

2 Responses to “Merry Moonmas”

  1. AnonymousGX Says:

    I won’t be around a computer for Christmas (I’m pretty sure), so I’ll say it here. Merry Christmas and thanks for the picture!

    I’ve been tracking your progress bar. It seems you’re doing about .06% of the total play, or 2% of 31%, a month. While it may not seem like much, at that pace, you’ll finish by July of 2017. That’s almost 3 years early for Majora’s Mask’s 20th Anniversary, 3.5 in Portugal, but who can wait that long? Then again, that could be a selling/marketing point for either Nintendo or an Opera House. “Celebrating 20 years of Majora” and all that jazz…

    • You’re welcome. Merry Christmas to you too. :)

      Progress is not necessary linear, there might be sudden jumps, I’m just being careful and not declaring something done without being sure since we go over certain sections more than once after having retouched others.

      I certainly intend to finish before 2017! X_X

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