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Poll: Chromatic Mordents

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Fellow musicians, after much discussion, we’ve come up with notation for chromatic/atonal mordents (it’s all Majora’s fault), with the solution provided by our very own Liam Greenough in the picture above.

These would completely replace the classical mordents we know from the Baroque, since frequent use has made it necessary to always specify the interval at which the ornament is.

We would like to know what you think of these, if they seem sensible and functional to you, or not. If you vote no, please also explain why in a comment, otherwise we will see no reason to count your vote.

Thank you.

P.S: If you’ve already voted on Twitter, please don’t vote here.

Song of Storms Poll

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Alright, where do I start?

I’ve been having health issues for the past weeks, and it all culminated in a very painful experience last Wednesday which is fortunately over.

The animation of demo #4 has been slowed down again, so I think it better not to try and state another deadline just for it to be postponed again. I’ll just say it will be ready soon.

That Act II progress bar on the right has been stuck at 27% for quite some time, and I intend to finally go on with it, but first something must be solved. I finally noticed why the writing of Act II was bugging me:

In the beginning of Act II there’s a sum up of the issues of a bunch of characters. It’s a long section that lasts for about 20 minutes mixing the Clock Town theme, the Song of Storms, the Song of Healing, Kafei and Anju’s love theme and remnants of the Mayor’s theme, interrupted at some point by a section on Majora.

We have, at Clock Town, the carpenters who keep working under the rain, Anju and the Mayor who miss Kafei (for entirely different reasons, mind you) and the Happy Mask Salesman who, seeing all the sorrow around him, wonders where Skull Kid is so that he might attempt the retrieval of Majora’s Mask. Also, tricked by Sakon and thinking that he is following a good lead, we have an exhausted Kafei trying to climb the snowy mountain pass, along with Skull Kid who stalks him just for fun, to “play” with him.

Every one of these characters expounds their current state, and all the themes that are mixed together have a common denominator: the Song of Storms, which accompanies the second day’s rainy skies.

I thought myself retarded when I finally noticed what was probably making this section not up to par with the rest: The sketches for this have lyrics set to the exact theme of the Song of Storms. Now think of that theme, and have in mind the first three notes. Any singer can do an octave leap (from the 1st to the 3rd notes), but I have found that the 2nd note makes it awkward. Maybe, if I leave the theme as an instrumental and have the singers variate on it in a more lyrical fashion, it won’t sound so awkward.

Or maybe I’m just underestimating the ability of good opera singers to do those vocal embellishments.

The thing is, it’s already hard to understand the lyrics in operatic singing, maybe a more comfortable line along with the original Song of Storms in the instrumental would both allow for better understanding and enrich the whole setting.

What do you think?

Here is a poll on which I would like you all to vote. If there are other reasons for your decision, please speak your mind in a comment on this post.