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New Team Member, and Odolwa Gets a Makeover

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Life is a bitch, but if you give it lemons, it will eventually get better.

Wait, that doesn’t sound right.

I came here to announce that Majora has a new member: Liam Greenough; former head of FFREO.

He will resample the entire work done so far, dramatically increasing the quality of the samples and freeing me from needing to sample my work on the opera myself.

What does this mean? It means that not only will the next demos have better instrumentals, but I will finally resume the official digital writing of the opera, now faster than before.

Why? Because now that I have a colleague with capable hardware, I can compose in MIDI, which, despite the horrid quality, can be done on any piece of crap machine, including a netbook. The pro is speed, the con is probably more revising once sampled properly later.

Part of the help received will go towards a USB MIDI keyboard, to make for speedy and portable note entry (also, the current one is cumbersome and half broken).

A big thank you to everyone who contributed so far!

An equally powerful thank you to those who keep supporting the opera in any other way!

Also, a public thank you to Liam Greenough, for joining the project.

I leave you with this eargasmic resampling of Odolwa and the Deku as proof of his skills:

P.S: OMGZORZ the progress bar has MOVED!

The Fortress / The Pirates Take Chase

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Instrumental from a longer scene.

Kafei reaches the pirates’ fortress in his search for Sakon, only to be discovered by the guards and chased down.


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So here’s a mini post about a mini-experience with IRC chat over at my website.

You’re welcome to drop by for the freshest mini-updates (I so much prefer IRC to twitter). I also need to test my logbot to see if anything said over there while I’m absent is properly recorded.


Also, here’s a mini-instrumental:

Just a little reorchestration of the original for fun while I write the Fisherman’s Arietta and Duet. It’s a funny lighthearted number for bass and tenor that uses this theme.


And a mini-Q&A:

MishieruHime: Are there plans to cast children in the opera?

I am very picky about children’s voices. If they are appropriately good, however, I don’t see why the Bombers shouldn’t appear in the Clock Town Choir, for example. If you mean child soloists, then my pickyness quadruples! A child soloist for Pamela, for example, isn’t planned at all, but if there ever is a chance to get a very VERY VERY good one, I don’t see why not.


Gregory Smith: A question that has been bugging me for a while, but I keep forgetting to ask: You are currently writing for Great Bay, but you have already written and recorded Pamela’s Arietta from Ikana Canyon. Does this mean you have more written than your progress bars claim?

Pamela’s Arietta was the single extra-act exception. I liked the number and thought it appropriate for a demo, so I wrote it in advance. The first thing I wrote for the opera wasn’t the beginning of Act I either, but a Deku Palace instrumental, to test my bagpipe VST samples. The opera is being written linearly 99% of the time.

Right now, however, a third exception is occurring. I am separating Act II into unlinked parts, for the first number has stretched too much and I need to know what material will be repeated later on in the act, in order to cut it off of the exceedingly long beginning. Once I am pleased with every single number, I will work on the connections. It remains a tough nut to crack, but I will get it right and move on to Act III.

As regendo said, answering your question with his thoughts, I do write down whatever comes to my mind for later use as well, but never as ready as something like Pamela’s Arietta. They’re just some pages with notes (of both kinds).

Stone Tumblr, and Q&A #7

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Will the social platform fest never end? You can now follow me on Twitter and Tumblr as well.

I’ve recently finished a massive quintet + choir based on the Song of Storms, the Song of Healing, Kafei and Anju’s marriage theme, the Mayor’s theme, the Clock Town theme and Majora’s theme. The next number is Darmani’s aria and his short interaction with Kafei. I have been struggling with its structure, so I took some time off to get fresh ideas.

By time off I mean working on something else of the opera. ^_^

I tested the Stone Tower theme with some ancient instruments, just as a sample to see how it would sound:


Time for Q&A #7:

TwilightDeku: Woo hoo! I am loving this! I just have one question. Will you be filming the opera as a movie…. or touring and performing it live?

At this point I don’t know how many resources can be invested in the finished product so as to make a tour possible, but it’s definitely not something I would refuse! Ideally, live performances and a film of the stage work would both be expected.


BowserTheSecond: [referring to DEMO #2] Is that that same guy who played Mutoh in the Town Hall demo?

The audio is from the same person, yes, but not the video. Sometimes the original singers are available for the video recordings, sometimes they’re not. In the latter case, we use someone who knows the music and can act it out well. We manage fine either way, because we always record audio first. You can tell by looking at the updated credits in the videos.


kidkidkid12345: Will Sakon be a main character? And… Will Nintendo allow you to do this?

If by main character you mean vital to the plot, then yes. If you mean if he appears often, he appears as often as Kafei sees him. The three main points of view through which the audience gets the story are Kafei’s, Anju’s and the Happy Mask Salesman’s.

As for Nintendo allowing the staging of the work, I will only find out after I have managed to contact them and made my presentation of the opera.