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Allegra Durante

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Briefly met Allegra Durante in NY.
She’s the voice of Majora in the demo for Majora’s Aria.

allegra1 allegra2 allegra3 allegra4

P.S: My insulting hairdo trumped your bunny ears powers. BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME.

Been A While

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Been A While

You’re probably wondering what’s taking so long, so it’s time for a quick sum up.

Majora’s Aria has a definitive audio, and the video, partially worked on and left on standby for over a year, is undergoing finishing touches.

Demos 1 and 2 will get a complete makeover, as none of the singers in them are operatic. There will be partial makeovers of other demos as well, to be announced.

After Majora’s Aria, there will only be one demo left to complete the sample portfolio and move to the next phase of the project.

I believe that is all for now. :)