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Hello, internet. This is an official call for a flash animator

The potential one spoken of some time ago became unavailable, so I am calling for an animator who can work on a 10-minute long demo of silhouetted shapes (not only humanoid) on a simple texture background, corresponding to what is going on in the audio file. As they are silhouettes, the emphasis will be on the fluidity of movement. Apply by commenting here or sending me an e-mail.


Now, before the regular Q&A, I feel I need to clarify some facts about the opera about which there have been several doubts and similar questions:

— The opera is not just silhouettes. It is intended to be staged with actual sets, costumes, etc. It’s just that I prefer to show these demos from behind a veil, as they are just samples, and focusing on the music. The original thoughts for the demos did not even involve filming them at all, and there are at least two of them for which filming will be tricky, if not impossible. But I am still open to the challenge. ^_^

As for the staging, I intend to avoid the flamboyancy of excessively bright colours in the cases where it would make the appearance too “costume”-y, if you know what I mean. What looks strange must look strange, not circus-like.

— There is no specific crescendo of intensity or length in the release of the demos. Some are groups of soloists, like the first one, others are short ariettas that don’t develop on the sung theme, others are longer arias, others are choirs, etc. They are released as they become ready. Every planned vocal demo is listed here.

Also, there is no specific characteristic in an aria or arietta besides the time it takes and the fact that it is by a soloist, just like for many other types of numbers in an opera. In a work that flows without interruptions, there are many times no clear divisions between numbers.

— Several things will be revised as the project goes on, including whole batches of lyrics and even whole musical sections! I have a whole A4 page of errata for Act I, and that’s not counting the orchestration issues. Right now, I’m focusing on finishing writing the opera and putting the main points where they belong. There will be several layers of revision at all levels it will have to go through before I can declare it truly complete.

— Every offer of help in acting, singing, costume design, instrumental contribution, etc, is accounted for, deeply appreciated, but is to be considered at a later time, for as of this moment, the only thing that is happening is the writing and the showing of demos for the gathering of support and reactions. The more this spreads and gathers followers (and “likers”), the more possibilities it has of being upheld as something official and strong enough to be shown to Nintendo as a serious project, concerned with quality. And this brings us to the next topic:

— Every offer of contribution with funding is also deeply appreciated. I will not, however, start asking for funding before knowing what can be done. There are plans to communicate with Nintendo about this, but I need to build a production dossier and be 100% ready to explain everything coherently and succinctly. This can only happen after the opera is written.

If everything goes right, the last notes will be put on paper by September. Only after I know what exactly can be done with this, how it will (or won’t) be supported, and how far it can go can I know whether a crowdfunding platform will be needed or not. Until then, keep following! Your offers, advice and comments are all accounted for and I am very thankful for your enthusiasm. :)


Now, on to the customary Q&A #6:

Person: Will the main groups of Majora’s Mask, the Deku, the Zora, and the Gorons appear?

All of those will appear, but due to the coherence of the narrative, some will appear more than others, I’m afraid. It isn’t set in stone yet, but the ones with the least air time might be the Gorons. Sorry to the Goron fans, but it’s either that or requiring detonation of disbelief as far as Kafei’s abilities are concerned. Remember that we are focusing on him.


Moblinarea: Who plays the background music? Is it actually instrumental or do you just make it?

Just like the instrumental samples up on YouTube, I make them. Actually having that amount of real instruments available to learn and play something every time you would need during a work in progress would be any composer’s wet dream!


A fan: When Sakon ‘whispers’: “Ssh! Someone’s coming this way!” and leaves, I begin to think, who is actually coming? Is it a guard or another poor citizen who will be robbed? Or who?

Is that a call for an answer, or just a declaration of suspense? =p


Evan Brewer: How come this project isn’t bigger?

At this phase, it is up to you, the community, to spread it as much as you can. I am still gathering strengths on certain demos to get the attention of the opera community, who will require a bit more than the ones so far, that have no operatic singing. As I explained at the beginning of this post, this can only grow at a bigger level once I know Nintendo’s verdict. So spread it, like it, talk about it, promote it, if you intend to see it bigger and stronger for its showdown as a prototype for the eyes of Nintendo. For now, that is a great and appreciated help. :)