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Where is Link?

Link will not be present in the opera. The main protagonist is Kafei and his search for the Sun Mask. You can read details about why here.

If you want a canon placement of the opera’s story (minus the slight alterations in Kafei’s path) you can place it in any timeline except for the child’s, since by the time Link wakes up seven years older in Ocarina of Time, Termina is long gone.


Will Kafei simply replace Link’s role?

No. He is a regular Terminan. He is way more limited than Link, and his incursion throughout the lands of Termina is influenced by those limitations.


Will this remain this way, as shadows behind a veil?

No. It is an opera. It is  intended to be staged, with sets, singers, costumes, an orchestra, etc.


Are those the definitive singers and cast?

No. They are friends and colleagues who are kindly helping me promote the work.


I thought Captain Viscen and the Monkey were male?

They are. It is just common in operatic settings to have a young male be played by a female singer, and I did this especially to use a broader spectrum of voices in certain numbers. Those characters can also be played by countertenors.


Does the Monkey die?

No. That was just a way to end the demo with a bang.


How do you pronounce Bulteau?

For English speakers: BOOL – TOE.

The u in Bul actually sounds like ü, but I’ve noticed it’s hard for many people to do that sound, so let’s leave it at that.


Why aren’t you Kickstarting this?

Kickstarting specifically is impossible, seen as Portugal is not in the very narrow list of countries allowed to pitch projects there. If you mean crowdfunding in general, not a penny can be put directly into Majora until there is official permission from Nintendo to stage it.


You make a great zombie.

I got the moves like Jagger.

31 Responses to “Questions & Answers”

  1. DeviantOtaku Says:

    That last point made me lol! You got the moves alright~

  2. Of course, every aspect of Majora Mask’s plot and narrative is important and the story of Anju and Kafei is a really good choice for building an opera around it due to its classic tropes that are used.
    So I wonder if you plan to incorporate the, as I think, most important theme of the story: the loss of and longing for friendship (Skullkid).

    Anyway, I’m really looking forward to see the results! You are doing a great job so far.

  3. Will the Great Fairies be in the opera at all? They’re role was fairly significant in the story as well, I would love to see at least one!

  4. Do you know what Nintendo thinks of this? Are you afraid they won’t be happy that you plan on making an Opera that will make you money? Or do you plan on this not making any money at all?

  5. The other masks will have any play on the opera? And are you going to use Kamaro’s song? That song is just AMAZING.

  6. Declan Maguire Says:

    Your English is grammatically correct and seems fluent, but can be somewhat cheesy. Do you ever come into difficulty writing the lyrics due to being Portuguese, or is this common for all opera lyrics?

    • You wouldn’t believe how ridiculous some opera libretti are. XD
      Some things already bother me from the moment I put them on paper, but the priority at this point is the music. As the work is in draft form, nothing is permanent, and among other things, the libretto will definitely be revised.

  7. You are doing a wonderful job! I love this concept, though I was cautious when I first heard it. If you ever need help with writing, just to help the project move faster, I will be able to help. I know you probably hear that a lot though. Are you accepting help in aspects of writing lyrics and what not? Even if it is something simple, I think it would be an awesome experience to help on this

  8. Hello there,

    I think this is a fantastic idea and I would love to sing in this piece or have the opportunity to audition for it. My name is Adrian Rosales and I’m a high lyric baritone as well as a big Zelda fan.

    Please check out my website at:

    Hopefully we can work together sometime!


  9. Hi Miguel, I was just wondering. I made a fan poster of sorts for your opera. How can I get it to you? I will post it soon on deviantart, but I would like for you to see it very much. (Also, do you answer all these questions yourself? Or did you take the monkey from the Deku King, and now he answers all your questions?) xD

  10. Mauricio Toledo Says:

    Majora’s Mask related works have a tendency to be fully funded by fans on kickstarter, and your work is looking amazing so far. You should really look into it if you haven’t done it already.

    Abraços do Brasil.

  11. Just coming by to say I find it fantastic that you decided to focus on Kafei and leave Link outside the play. I think Kafei and Anju’s drama is one of the most sentimental stories in the Zelda series.

    Finding out about your project completely made my day. Thank you and keep up the good work!

  12. Will Cremia’s feelings towards Kafei (or possibly, Anju) be addressed? What about the entire Romani Ranch plot–especially the aliens? Any appearance from the Garo or other undead of Ikana?

  13. Have you tried Kickstarter? I think this project could really go viral! I found out about it through ZeldaInformer. You should really get this out!

  14. Are you have auditions anytime soon? I loved playing MM back in the day and singing in an opera about one of my favorite videogames series would be awesome.

    I noticed someone posting stuff about kick starter with regards to fundraising. Have you considered writing any proposals for grants? A project like this has a niche but notable cultural significance that I think would sell a committee on disbursing funds for the opera. I can’t think of any other videogame inspired operas out there, but like the many contemporary pieces written based off of novels, films, and plays, “Majora” does bridge the gap for a generation that is disconnected (chronologically) from many of those other stories. It’s a cool project, and unique. It’d probably get the nod from some Daddy Warbucks types out there.

    • Thanks, I also hope so, but not a penny can be put directly into this work until Nintendo grants it permission to be staged.
      That is the function of the finished portfolio of demos and instrumentals, to show Nintendo what the work can be and ask for permission to stage it. The latest interview develops on this around the 26-minute mark:

      As the work is still in its draft form, auditions are a long time away and very likely not under my direct control should the work be staged.
      As far as demos are concerned, I’m sorry to say we already had a baritone with us for the makeover of the demo for Sakon’s Arietta when your application came in.
      We are now looking for a light mezzo (or countertenor) and a lyric bass to help us record the makeovers of the last demos along with releasing #9, so if you wish to help us speed up the process of completing the portfolio of demos, direct anyone you know who fits those vocal ranges to email me at

      Thank you :)

  15. Marysia Kosowski Says:

    Do you by any chance need ocarina players for these demos? Ocarinists are not exactly difficult to find as it’s an easy instrument to play, but Majora’s Mask does feature some ocarina music and I figured you might be using the instrument somewhere in your opera. :)

  16. Forrest Says:

    This is probably been asked a hundred times before, but when this is finished will the creator be getting a crew together to perform this? My main interest in asking this question is that, with projects like this, I am usually seeking a DVD or CD copy of the finished product. Since the creator is really just writing the opera (he hasn’t arranged for it to be performed, has he?) there won’t really be any finished product for me to consume. I think this is a fantastic project, but it would be such a shame if it’s finished and then nobody ever picks it up and goes on stage with it. Of course, I’d love to see this actually performed on stage, but I think it will be highly unlikely that anyone in my area will hear of this opera, much less perform it. So I’m mainly seeking a recording of ANYONE who might perform it.

    Thanks for your time, for whoever reads this. Maybe somebody can enlighten me a little.

    Keep up the great work, mbulteau!

  17. Will Kafei go inside of Stone Tower?

  18. This is the most amazing project I’ve come across in a very long time. It definitely has to be staged, do you think a petition on this to nintendo would help getting permission? And is there any possibility of bringing you to Germany, once it’s ready? I’m already eager to see it live *__*

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