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Due to a shortage of sanity, titles may become stranger as time goes by

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The libretto for Act I has undergone its final revision.

The completion of the score for Act I itself is imminent as well.

Looking at all that is still left to do fills us with utter despair determination.

Revision Journal #42

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Further revisions to several parts of Act I, including Deku Palace and Odolwa.

Lilypond is harsh software, but BEAUTY IS PAIN

We Understand

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Demo #6 – Giant’s Lament (Audio Makeover)

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Best viewed in full screen.

After being released by accident due to Kafei’s meddling in the swamps, the Giant calls out to his brothers and wonders about their past with Skull Kid and the future of Termina.

This is a demo of what would be a projection on stage with an off-stage singer.

Many thanks to Eric Hollaway, Aaron Kline, Donald Frank, and Don Paterson.

Revision Journal #14

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fromcodeMiguel Jesus is teaching Liam and I the art of making music out of code, or code out of music, or whatever black magic he conjures.

if (SellSoulToDevil == 1)
BeComposer = 1;
BePoor = 1;
GetARealJob = 1;

Revision Journal #13

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If we die, let it be known that this opera runs on tea.

Now reaching the end of Act III, for which special care will be necessary regarding the libretto. Slowdown expected, for the sake of sanity.

Speaking of which, Kafei trips the lights fantastic.

Revision Journal #10

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We are now past the Act II reorganization conundrum. I am pleased to announce that almost nothing changed in that respect, save for the fact that the Happy Mask Salesman kinda goes postal, and the Postman is the true hero of the american people.