Due to a shortage of sanity, titles may become stranger as time goes by


The libretto for Act I has undergone its final revision.

The completion of the score for Act I itself is imminent as well.

Looking at all that is still left to do fills us with utter despair determination.

4 Responses to “Due to a shortage of sanity, titles may become stranger as time goes by”

  1. Duncan Welch Says:

    Hey, I know this isn’t really relevant to the Majora’s opera, but I don’t know where else to ask this.

    Is the Liam Greenough working on this the same Liam that’s Beacon515L? I’ve been looking for a surefire way to contact him for a while, and it seems this is the only place he may be active. His NG has been dead for a while and his site doesn’t have any contact information (unless I’m blind). If I could reach him that would be fantastic.

    On-topic though, this opera amazes me. I never see anything about it, nobody talks about it, and several of my Zelda fan friends seem to not know it exists. But I check this website about once a month and see the little gars on the side get a little more green as time goes on and it inspires me. Such a large project with such a small following and yet you guys keep it up, and update on a WordPress blog, no less. I want to see this opera live in a sold-out theater. It deserves that.

    • beacon515l Says:

      Hi Duncan,

      I am that same Beacon515L. My site indeed doesn’t have contact information, because I’m a lazy shit.

      PM me on Twitter (@Beacon515L), we can go from there. xD

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