Revision Journal #45


What started as a prologue became a prelude, then a prologue again. Due to its contents, we’ve reached the conclusion that prologue is the definitive term.

That’s the kind of updates you get from people obsessed with semantics.

3 Responses to “Revision Journal #45”

  1. What, exactly, is the difference?

    • AnonymousGX Says:

      I believe that a Prelude is pure music before the curtain opens. Prologue is event(s) before the story picks up.

      For a classic example, Frozen starts with a snowy chant; Prelude. It then goes to Frozen Heart; Prologue. We then move to Anna and Elsa at ages 5 and 8, respectfully; ‘Act 1 Scene 1’.

      For a Majora’s Mask game example, Prelude is Title Screen, Chasing Skull Kid is Prologue, and emerging from the Clock Tower is ‘Act 1’.

  2. AnonymousGX Says:

    Congratulations on finishing the Prologue!

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