Video Q&A #34

One Response to “Video Q&A #34”

  1. AnonymousGX Says:

    I truly believe this opera will do well. As noted by Game Theory, video games don’t make good movies because it no longer becomes immersive; the character that’s you is now a stranger with lines and personality. By removing the playable character, you’re actually avoiding this problem. NPCs aren’t immersive, but more like a somewhat interactive movie. The interaction is, in part, lost in the operatic adaption, but their characterization, lines, and actions remain the same.

    That being said, looking in to more NPC story adaptions could be a great idea. For an example, you mentioned the richness of Romani Ranch. Should Majora be a success, would you like to adapt more NPC stories? If so, which do you think can be developed for the stage (not just opera) besides Romani Ranch?

    P.S. I can think of quite a few other stories that can work as the basis for a theatre adaption, if you want to hear them. I’m also a fanfic writer; I could develop some of these on as non-musicals and watch the responses to them, if you want to see the reactions to them.

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