Status Update

As usual, my attempts at updating regularly are foiled by bothersome things like reality.

The three latest updates (The Fortress, Pamela’s Arietta, and Kafei’s Dream, all redux’d) were following a schedule of updates I believed I could keep up from August onwards, with a new demo or instrumental every two weeks, ending in November.

As it is clearly visible, that steady flow has stopped. The good news is that Demo #5’s makeover will be uploaded next week. The bad news is that I don’t know when the others will yet. The fact that I depend on finding operatic singers that match standards that have been raised since some years ago (hence the makeovers), and then on their interest and availability, makes it so that predictions are impossible.

I will attempt one anyway, because it’s fun. After next week’s Stock Pot Inn Trio makeover, I believe the order of releases will go along the lines of something like this: Giant’s Aria (makeover), Deku Palace Choir (makeover), Council Room Fugato (makeover), Quartet (final demo #9).

That will complete the opera’s digital showreel (or portfolio), and allow the next phase to begin.

I’d love to have this done before the year is done.

While I’m at it, I’d also love to have a billion dollars.

One Response to “Status Update”

  1. Keep it up, though! Looking forward to this!

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