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  1. Do correct me if I am in the wrong but in order to get into the Deku Palace to begin with (in the game) you must be a Deku, the King doesnt want humanoid characters inside the palace to witness the Monkey’s punishment.

    Kafei certainly can’t pass off as a Deku, and the guards wouldnt let him in. I noticed in a few Q&As that your disappointing the twin witches Kotake & Koname wont be making an appearance. But in the game the Monkey’s siblings plead with Link to get him to rescue their sibling, and in a way you help one of the sisters.

    Couldn’t you make it to where Kafei meets the other monkey’s first while searching for clues about Sakon and help the sister in exchange for Magic Beans to create a way into the palace? (Like a wooden ladder painted green with vines?) And they could have a duet about the Deku and Kafei’s fate or something.

    Also I noticed someone before mentioned the great fairy and I don’t think it was quite understood what they were saying.

    On Night 0 (hours before Link came to Termina)

    Kafei was in town, coming home from being at the Mayors office.

    Skull kid asks him to play, but Kafei tells him he doesn’t have the time, that he has lots of important stuff to do, he is getting married in 3 days. Skull kid curses him to the state of a child and mocks him.

    On his way to see The Great Fairy about his condition, Sakon attacks Kafei in his changed form, stealing his wedding mask and prancing away. and for the 3 days, except when he mails the letter and when he leaves to chase Sakon and get his mask back, he hides in the Curiosity Shop’s back room.

    I get this is supposed to be different without being new, and you don’t want to put in a new character without showing them as with Cerima and Romani, but I think an exception for The Great Fairy should be made and with the twins.

    In the Clock town Choir Kafei says he was going home through the northern district. Could you alter it to meeting Skull Kid and shoo-ing him away, because he is a child and have it so we see Kafei as an adult but the other cast members see a child? Kafei decides to see the Great Fairy and sets out with his wedding mask in tow, believing she can alter his appearance.

    But on his way Sakon attacks him and takes the mask, he still goes to see the Great Fairy who has been shattered. (maybe have 3 girls dressed in different colors *to sort of give a reference to the other fairies of power*) and mention that they are not whole and even if they were that they were powerless to change him? And give him a hint about checking outside of Clock town?

    On his venture outside of clock town he could run into the monkey’s outside the forest who beg him to help them, he remembers not stopping for others and decides to help, hoping for a clue to Sakon, when the Monkey’s take him to the twins. he does the twin mission and receives a Magic Bean from one twin and special water from the other. They could have a duet about the Deku Palace, the evil spell from Skull kid and Kafei’s fate.

    Then he could sneak into the Deku palace and see the torture the monkey is under-going, and pick back up from where the demo left off? I really enjoy this whole idea and the thought of seeing it live makes me giddy to the point of squealing, I can’t wait to see the finished product no matter which way you decide to take it :)

    • What you described would promptly add at least one extra hour to the work, which is already over 3 hours long. XD

      You’re thinking in game mechanics and details that are not relevant to an operatic setting, which is perfectly understandable. An opera story should not function like a collectathon/unlockable series of sorts, which is the same reason why Link was removed and the whole dungeon mechanic doesn’t exist. Getting A to give to B to unlock C is game logic, and isn’t the point of the work.

      You’re right about the guards not letting anyone in that isn’t a Deku, and in the opera Kafei actually stumbles into the Deku having the execution. The exact location and architecture of the palace is irrelevant, which allows us to stage a literal “stumble-upon” situation in the swamps.

      As for your second point, you probably didn’t notice the Q&A that stated that the opera takes place only in the last 3 days, so anything before that is not part of the 3 acts (which are the 3 days).

      Also, in the game Kafei has been absent for a month, this is what Madame Aroma and Anju both say, and so it is highly unlikely that he was turned and mugged only in night 0 as you suggest.

      Remember what I mentioned about Chekhov’s Gun in Q&A 14: What does not serve a purpose must be removed. The opera already has issues of dispersion, which are fine in a game where things must be unlocked to progress, but not at all in a stage work; so in order to flow, every irrelevant detail must be removed. Characters that appear always have a contextual and/or emotional purpose for both the audience and other characters.

      I’m glad you’re pleased either way. :)

    • P.S: Don’t forget that this isn’t solely for Majora’s Mask or even Zelda fans. The least unusual things one has to do (like explaining what magic beans do) the better. Flow is the keyword. ;)

    • P.P.S: The hint about the swamps is given by the juggling brothers, just like in the game. I believe there’s a Q&A that states that too. You should watch them all if you have all of those doubts.

      • 😰 i hope i didnt come off as criticly speaking or harsh, i was merely wondering, and now I see your right, id forgotten you dont have the limitations pf dugeon workings. Find a to give to b to get c.

        And the juggling brothers fits right in witj the game as they mention the kidnappings in the swamp in game. Ive recently began watching your videos and the q and a’s and Im super excited fpr the final product.

        Ive already drove my fiancé mad with the demos, playing them over and over and begging him to promise to take me to see the nearest showing once it hits the stage.

        Id completly forgotten that in the trio of postman, anju and anju’s mother that they state he has been gone a month 😅 oopsie, shot an unloaded gun with this one haha

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