Demo #8 – Majora’s Aria

This footage was taken in July 2012. Took us long enough.

Big big thanks to Allegra Durante and Inês Quaresma.

Also, special thanks to Sofia Galvão, Billy, Mom0ki, Natasha Silvestre, Princess Rizu, Rachel Hillman, Siomara Zendejas, and Verónica Fragoso.

3 Responses to “Demo #8 – Majora’s Aria”

  1. Not to say that I didn’t get excited when the other demos came out, because I did, but when I watched this particular demo all the hype and excitement I felt after learning about the opera for the first time came rushing back. Awesome, this one is my new favourite! :D

  2. I want to know is there is going to be some way to watch it on the internet or is all live . Anyways am just excited to see how is this new adventure without a hero , so great and perfect i hope to see it in a near future .

    • It is very early to know details about the execution, although as Q&A #1 says so, it is intended to be a live performance, which does not prevent DVDs or the such to be made from it. But as I said, this is not yet the time to be absolutely sure of every support in which the opera could be available. More about this has been discussed in the most recent interview, around the 22-minute mark. :)

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