Full Throttle: TV Tropes, Spinning Stream, and New Hardware

Ladies and gentlemen!

Firstly, Majora’s demo and instrumental reel has been uploaded to the Spinning Stream. Not much else to say, except that if you don’t know about them, go give them a listen. They have a great selection of Nintendo originals and remixes.

Secondly, it has been brought to my attention by a Youtube user named Rethkir that a TV Tropes page has been made for Majora. I was understandably surprised, as this isn’t even a finished draft yet, let alone a finished work! A Radio Hyrule user named Nayru was kind enough to correct a glaring mistake in the “Voiceless” trope, which stated that Majora is a disembodied voice. Majora is, in fact, an actual singer on stage, separate from the dancer, Skull Kid. It is just considered invisible to other characters, but plainly visible on stage as the “voice inside Skull Kid’s head.”

Last, but definitely not least, the new hardware is ready. I have acquired a new machine, and official digital writing will finally resume at full throttle! All the information and ideas I have been discussing here with polls and such will finally be put into practice to carry on with the completion of the entire first draft of the opera.

I would like to thank all the supporters, who supplied a total of 25% of the required funds for the new hardware:


Thank you! :)

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a truckload of papers to convert to digital notes.

Cheers from the Majora team!

Majora Team_smallest

3 Responses to “Full Throttle: TV Tropes, Spinning Stream, and New Hardware”

  1. Rethkir Says:

    “WHY??” Because your opera is awesome, that’s why!

    Is it a little early for its own tropes page? Well… yeah… maybe. But still, anything can have a work page as long as it exists, and even though the opera isn’t made yet, there are still demos and a detailed plot synopsis. Even from them alone, there are tropes!

    But really, I made it because I love this project so much, both the music and the story. A trope page is a great way to organize aspects of the opera and answer basic questions, like how Link is not in it or how Majora will appear on stage.

    Hopefully, there’ll be more progress, now that you can digitize your score. I can’t wait to hear your next demos. Good luck, friend!

  2. For the Q & A: If you had to guess, when do you think the draft will be finished?

  3. Chris Johnson Says:

    Is that Jesus in the background of the team photo?

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