Zelda Informer’s Article

Many thanks to Logan Cavaliere for this article over at Zelda Informer. :)

2 Responses to “Zelda Informer’s Article”

  1. Hadrien Says:

    Hey guys I just saw what you are doing I find it really cool. The only thing is that i think that maybe it would be a good idea to make it in latin instead of english. That would be cool right? Like SBB main theme, it was amazing.

    • f(x)=12/x Says:

      Majora’s Mask is mostly played in English, so an opera English allows for direct quotations.
      English is (said to be) the most globalized language, while Latin is studied by a minority (though not few, mind you) of people.
      Latin may sound “cool”, but I don’t think it can be used fluently nowadays. Some Hollywood soundtracks use very plain lyrics, when they make sense. (SSBB’s theme does too, but at least they’re well-contextualized.)
      Latin may sound “cool” as in “patronizing”, while this opera is supposed to appeal to as many as possible.
      Even in the 18th century operas weren’t written in Latin.

      I see no reason to have the opera sound fake-cool in Latin when so far it’s this good (and for real) in English.

      No hard feelings, just my thought.

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