YOU Can Help! Support and Soprano Needed

Welp! I promised you a briefing, didn’t I? Sorry about the delay.

It’s a bit long, but bear with us, as we feel it’s important for you to know what has been going on.

Support the artist here!

Apply for the Majora’s Aria demo by contacting mbulteau at gmail dot com

Any more doubts should be directed at the e-mail above.

Also, check out the new layout of the Music section at my website, there’s also some more new stuff in there, along with a buggy background. <_<

3 Responses to “YOU Can Help! Support and Soprano Needed”

  1. Finally some update! I hope you’ll receive all the help you need.

  2. Done deal, guys. :) It’d be my pleasure to scratch your backs in return.

  3. […] for both singing and monetary support! If you don’t know about it yet just visit to the two previous posts. Also, thank you to all of you who have supported us, your help is invaluable. We urge you […]

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