The World Isn’t Over and Majora Is One Year Old

Well, the project’s public genesis is actually almost a year and a month old. I first posted about it on on November 28th 2011, and the first instrumental, Deku Palace, came out on December 9th, so the post before this one would actually be a more accurate birthday post. I just… kinda forgot.

I’d suck as a parent.

So, the project’s official birthday is November 28th. Let that be written in stone.

Also, me and Miguel Jesus recorded today a little thing for you, regarding some things we need your help with. Sadly, Aaron Kline, our video and VFX editor, isn’t around, so we will have to wait for him to be back in order to post the video online, hopefully before New Year’s.

Meanwhile, we will soon proceed with the recordings for the quartet demo, along with planning the new visual layout for Clock Town’s.

Other items of interest are still classified. Be patient! Time flies. It’s already been a year, after all.

P. S: Majora’s Facebook page is almost at 2000 likes! 1000 gave you a free mp3 download of Kafei’s Dream. What will 2000 likes have to offer?

2 Responses to “The World Isn’t Over and Majora Is One Year Old”

  1. So many inconveniences, and still active, if not going strong. Sadly it’s not the norm (in so many artistic fields).

    Imo the delaying of the demos is not a problem as long as the writing goes on.
    Which leads to the following question(s): considering you’re “quite past” the 67% claimed by the bars on the right, is act 2 completed (on paper)? Has 3rd act/ouverture/prologue been started (on paper)? And is it right to assume that more paperwork means faster digital transcription?

    I hope the questions (not to mention their quantity) don’t seem too…intrusive.

    (Aside note: aren’t the tags “apocalypse” and “end of the world” a little too much? I know it’s mentioned in the title, but…)

  2. Congratulations on the one year anniversary! Good to see that you’re still working hard on the project! I can’t wait to see more!

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