Short and to the point, Q&A #23

Why I thought the beginning of fall would make it easier to advance in everything at a decent speed is beyond me.

We’re cycling through singers to find the best available match for Majora’s Aria. As far as other demos go, Clock Town has probably finally found its ideal filming place, and we’re waiting for an answer from a tenor for the quartet.


Vihqtor095: Just asking, but where would this be performed? I would love to go see this.

A bit early to know, don’t you think? If it were up to me, I would gladly have this tour as many places as possible.


Louis M: The other masks will have any play on the opera? And are you going to use Kamaro’s song? That song is just AMAZING.

I don’t think it is relevant for Kafei to obtain any mask except the one he cares about, so I would say no.

As for Kamaro’s Song, it has already been used. Check my YouTube channel for Kafei’s Dream.


tokutei: [about Demo #4] This is brilliant. <3 Literally the only thing I dislike about it is how long the intro is. I wish it segwayed into the lyrics at 0:23 or even 0:31 rather than going through the entire melody.

The reason for that is that what is shown in the video is not how it is meant to be staged. The Deku come onto the stage, setting it up with the required details as they do, then there’s the monkey yelling he’s innocent, being held and dragged in by two stronger Deku, and also the king being carried by his subjects on a throne. A lot of the videos’ layout is secondary and known to be not definitive even before they are made.


Massussu7: [about Demo #4] Can we download this?

As far as quality mp3s or videos to be directly downloaded, not at this point, no. Although I have released an mp3 of Kafei’s Dream, as a token of my appreciation for 1000 likes on Facebook. The fate of these specific videos is still uncertain beyond their being on YouTube.


Adam: I know it’s a bit late into your production, but i thought you may be interested in this page I found on the artistic styles of Majora’s Mask. I hope it can help you with your so far excelent theatrical reindition of the story.

Thank you, that’s an interesting read. I had already portrayed Majora as she is represented in that article, and it will probably be the greatest match between the opera and those thoughts, but I hadn’t read that specific one. Isolation is in fact an important characteristic of Majora, and not only related to hatred, but to insanity.


Thomas Maresh: As an aspiring music student and Zelda fan, I have greatly enjoyed your work on the Majora opera. I believe I could learn a great deal from your work.  I was wondering if you would mind sending me score(s) of your work on the Majora opera.  I don’t want all of it, I will not perform it, and I will not take any credit or reproduce it in any way. I just want to study it for the sake of improving my compositional skills. I am particularly interested in the postman-anju-mother trio, although I would graciously accept anything and everything you would give me. Thank you very much for your time.

First of all, the score is in no decent shape. It’s going through the first of many careful reviews by hand, and it’s not even in its final state. Secondly, I do not plan to release the score just like that, especially not at an embryonic phase of the project. Depending on the fate of the opera, the score may or may not be released, either paid or for free. Now is too early a phase to know. I thank you for your appreciation of my work, and am honored that you see it as material to be studied. At this point, however, there is nothing I can do for you except asking for your patience. It’s a laborious process (and I don’t mean just the writing), and I can assure you that the score will reach its completion, regardless of the remaining outcomes.

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  1. Rene Mercado Says:

    I have a question …. is there going to be an appearance regarding the Gorons? what about the faries Tatl and tael? Will they be in the demos because since with Link’s absence, Tatl and Tael never separate and are together with the skullkid(Imp)

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