Demo #6: Giant’s Aria

Best viewed in full screen.

After being released by accident due to Kafei’s meddling in the swamps, the giant tells the story of his fellows and why Skull Kid is the way he is.

This is a demo of a projection that would happen on a stage’s big screen, with the giant’s life-size arrival and the imagery of the story he tells.

Animation by the talented Aaron Kline.

Many, many special thanks to Mr. Donald Frank. :)

EDIT: Old video no longer available. Makeover here.

11 Responses to “Demo #6: Giant’s Aria”

  1. YourFriendlyNeigbourhoodGerudo Says:

    I a currently freaking out right now due to the new demo. Please excuse me while I cry with joy.

    *runs to room to cry with joy*

  2. Gregory Smith Says:

    Did you base the Skull Kid’s theme more off of Holst’s “Jupiter” than Saria’s Song?

  3. Amazing as always. It really shows the depth and darkness of the story.
    Though, the way it was sung… I don’t know, it seemed a bit… unpleasant.
    Maybe that is the goal of this scene, since it shows the unpleasant past that led tp all this chaos. But I personally think, it was unpleassant in a different way… Hard to put in words. Especially the first portion before that change of pitch in the middle and the very end.
    But even so, it was gorgeous. I’m very curious to see how this part will develop in the future.

  4. To clarify, I really just mean the singing. The first half of course didn’t have a lot of that.
    It’s like… the instrumental music is amazing, the lyrics are awesome but the way those two are stitched together, the way it’s sung… I’m not entirely sure what to make of that.

  5. Happy Mask Salesman Says:

    Wow… This is the best yet… It’s so deep, and you’ve really made the animation work for you… The whole ‘mask’s puppet’ thing is amazing!

  6. Debris Hauler Says:

    I think the reason Majora’s Mask feels so powerful is because the game justifies the theme of forgiveness. I realize you probably already have an ending planned out in your mind, but please don’t forget the main purpose of the game. If nobody forgives the skullkid, I think the opera will lose its premise and it would be unnecessarily tragic.

  7. I do love the animation/puppetry, but the lyrics were a bit… eh. Well, maybe my problem isn’t so much with the lyrics as with the music itself. The notes the music was put to sometimes got a bit wierd (sharps and flats and the like). And to the man who sang this, I am very sorry, but your voice doesn’t seem very suited to this piece. It is a beautiful voice, but I cannot imagine a giant sounding like that. Maybe this is just me being picky and wierd.

  8. I also almost cry too, the story was so sad and awesome

  9. DeviantOtaku Says:

    I really love your orchestrations, and the animation was wonderful~! But, the singer felt off at times… And the rhymes are not as good as your other demos. But all that is just IMO~
    You are the most awesome person ever for doing this~! Please never give up~!

  10. Such a beautiful song… so many memories come to my mind while listening to it. I really hope you will get your project done and succeed. I’d be happy if you will go on tour across europe with your opera.
    Oh, and once again: Thanks for visiting my blog and re-linking it.

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