A snail just zoomed by, and Q&A #21

You might have noticed that the September deadline wasn’t met. Who would have known that writing the right thing would take so long…

The Giant’s Aria is finally nearing completion, and it will be out around Monday!

Also, we might have finally decided how Clock Town Choir will be filmed, but it needs confirmation.


And now for some questions:

ShadowPersona360: [on Demo #4] You have GOT to tell me how you made this! This is one of the most epic things I’ve ever seen. Can you tell me what kind of program was used? I kinda want to do something like this at some point.

For the animation? Adobe After Effects CS5.5.


HighPriestFuneral: [on The Fortress/The Pirates Give Chase] As always, well done. Will this eventually have lyrics added as well, or is this going to be a purely action driven scene?

This already has lyrics, I just chose to upload an instrumental to give an idea of how the project is going.


PastaHairbrush: The story is about Majora’s Mask events without the presence of Link and you already said you don’t really appreciate to use kid actors. Does that mean obviously that you will not put a scene about the Moon Children? Please, confirm.

I find it rather unreal that Kafei would ever have access to whatever dimension Link enters when the moon opens its mouth, so no.

7 Responses to “A snail just zoomed by, and Q&A #21”

  1. You mention that “The Fortress/The Pirates Give Chase” actually has lyrics, even though you uploaded it as an instrumental. How many of the other instrumental pieces that you’ve uploaded have lyrics in the final version?

  2. Great. Looking forward for Monday!

    What are those side-project videos about, btw? Are they for a video game soundtrack of sorts? Will there be more of them?

    • Since that’s not related to Majora, I will not answer it in a Q&A. The nature of the project is still unknown, really, it depends on other people. I do hope there will be more of them, but for now I’m working on Majora again.

  3. Debris Hauler Says:

    Will any of the giants appear?

    • f(x)=12/x Says:

      Yes, they will. If I remember well the podcast at Link’s Hideway, Bulteau stated they will be the only characters projected on a background instead of having a singer act as them.

      • Debris Hauler Says:

        That sounds interesting! I guess demo 6 answered my question. They should just have a giant foot and ankle projected on the background of the stage to portray the magnitude of the giants. The actors could look up at the cieling when they sing to them. XD

  4. Gregory Smith Says:

    When writing your score, do you have sheet music from the game to work off of, or are you basing everything based off what you learned from ear? And if you have sheet music, would you be willing to share where you got it from?

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