Demo #5: Trio – Anju, the Postman and Anju’s Mother

After tons of delays it is finally out. Were he real, the Postman’s OCD would have gone through the roof.

EDIT: Old video no longer available. Makeover here.

10 Responses to “Demo #5: Trio – Anju, the Postman and Anju’s Mother”

  1. More excellent work! Keep it up!

  2. Hey! I think the musicality of the voices is great! Although the notes have great harmony, at the moment the postman appears and discusses with Anju from 2:52 when the voices combine onwards, the lyrics become monotonous. I think many lyrics over that point can be changed and perfected so that the repetition pattern can become something more interesting. The scene of the postman at 4:42 and on other parts on the trio shows that he makes high effort to reach some of the high notes directly and so his voice can’t be distinguished. Also some parts of the piece can be more dramatic and less lyrical.

  3. Wow! I think form the composition it’s the best so far. Really nice use of several themes and also great lyrics. The overlaid lines that are similar except in one word are genious.
    From an actual sound-perspective, I still prefer demos 1 and 4 to it but this one seemed the most complete and most thought-out so far.

  4. The cool thing about it is, it gets people into opera who would have never thought they’d enjoy it.

    Please in your next musical you have to get ‘magic hags potion shop’ music in there.

  5. Joseph Murse Says:

    I left a comment on the video as well, but this might have a greater chance of being seen. I loved what you did there, you characterized the Postman and showed the roots of the relationship.

    However I don’t think you got the character of Anju’s Mother down. It is clear in the game that she has a dislike for Kafei (likely because of his actions of disappearing). There’s also a hidden scene in the game (which if you can’t find on your own on youtube, feel free to e-mail me) where Anju’s Mother directly confronts Anju about Kafei’s Letter. The tone is markedly different from this interpretation.

    Anju’s Mother believes that Kafei has run off to Cremia, and lists the reasons for why he would. She directly tells Anju to forget about the letter and look to her own survival, lest Anju’s life be as sad as her mother’s own. It’s one of the emotional scenes in the game, and I feel that this scene could really use this to heighten the emotions of the moment.

    Email is

  6. Joseph Murse Says:

    Oh, I see that you’ve already taken that into account (by reading the FAQ’s) you mention that Cremia may get a mention by Anju’s mother, I didn’t know what you had planned at the time.

    Odds are then it will be used in the second day then. Ahem… you’re good. In any case though a bit more foreshadowing of Anju’s mother dislike for Kafei in the first day couldn’t hurt anything.

  7. Joseph Murse Says:

    Oh yes a quick question for the Q&A, will Kaepora Gaebora be showing up at all? He’s the only character in the game to say that the fate of Termina is to fade and he may work as a great foreshadowing device. Of course, the problem is that he is… well an Owl. Kind of difficult to show that on stage.

  8. YourFriendlyNeigbourhoodGerudo Says:

    Hello, I absolutely loved the 5th demo! I can’t wait to see the finished product.

    Anyway, quick question. I know someone has asked about child singers, but what about child dancers? Is your answer the same?

  9. Question for the next Q&A, are you planning on releasing MP3s of the demos at some point (free or otherwise)?

  10. The quality is great. I really cannot say much…I wish you luck. This is a great work of art. My congratulations to the woman who plays Anju. She is singing so… perfectly. I was never expecting something like this.

    Keep it up.

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