An interview

Eric Buchholz over at Radio Hyrule asked to interview me. I gladly accepted! :)

You can read it here.

Thanks, Eric!

One Response to “An interview”

  1. f(x)=12/x Says:

    So, this interview is the proof that Friday 13th is not an unlucky day.
    Even if one doesn’t ask a lot of questions, backstage and music details are more than welcome (quot.), in my opinion.
    By the way, after listening to Kafei’s dream again, I now have two questions:
    1-Will Anju and Kafei have multiple musical themes, or a single one like Sakon? And, if you can tell, which are those? (I know I could wait for the next demo with Anju, yet I couldn’t help asking).
    2- What’s the name of the metallic-bongo-ish instrument that plays for more than half the demo (especially from 4:30 onward)?

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