Q&A #16 and 999 likes

Wow! 999 likes on Facebook! I wonder who’s gonna be the 1000th. Many thanks to you all so far. :)


Now a short Q&A:

Samuel O’Keefe: Will the Final Hours theme be included? I hope so!

Most definitely! It’s a theme I’ll be glad to develop on, as it will dominate most of Act III’s end.


Ong Yu Han: Hmm, I’m curious have you read this? It’s quite intriguing.

It’s brilliant, that’s what it is. I had read that article a long ago as well, after the other one by Hylian Dan, and it’s a strong basis for the personality of Majora. The refusal of growth and the perversion of the self from that forceful nature shows in everything she says and does. I recommend that everyone read that article as well.


MajoraDoesTheMoonwalk: I read an earlier question asking if ‘the thieves’ were making an appearance. I assume by ‘thieves’ you mean the Terminan Gerudo?

I cannot trace down a single question that mentions the word thieves. I did answer a question about pirates, saying that there is no honor among thieves, and I was referring to the Gerudo indeed. As I have answered there, the Gerudo will appear.


MajoraDoesTheMoonwalk: Are you in any of the demos, and will you be in the actual play?

I appear as the Mayor in the first demo’s video because the original singer couldn’t come on that day. I also appear as the first person Sakon robs on the second demo, and as the ReDead on the third.

I am flattered that you think I am opera material, but no. The actual staging of the opera will require actual operatic singers. The demos are placeholders for people to have a notion of how the music sounds. It will sound very different when everything necessary is in place.


An announcement, by the way: If a question is asked to which the answer already exists in this blog, it will not be answered again. Please do your reading, people. I’m not posting here just because I feel like it.

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