Miscellaneous updates

Long time no see!

The exams are eating my brain. They will be over this Wednesday, thankfully.

Here’s the current plans:

– More recording sessions for the trio will happen this Wednesday, next Friday and during the next week.

– Recordings for a quartet to come later on will begin during the next week as well.

– The Giant’s Aria is progressing well, now that awesome animator Aaron Kline and awesome singer Donald Frank are free to continue their work on it.

– After the exams I will enter turbo mode in writing and cover a huge portion of the opera, as I still intend to finish the writing by September. Rewritings and revisions will obviously have to happen, as there are already several things noted down to be improved.

If everything goes well, there will be a series of close releases starting at the end of July.


3 Responses to “Miscellaneous updates”

  1. MajoraDoesTheMoonwalk Says:

    Hello there. If you don’t mind, I have two questions.
    1. I read an earlier question asking if ‘the theives’ were making an apperance. I assume by ‘theives’ you mean the Termian Gerudo?
    2. Are you in any of the demos, and will you be in the actual play?

    • MajoraWalksTheCatwalk Says:

      For number 2, I believe he’s in the Council room (as the mayor) and he plays Pamela’s father (the Gibdo) in Pamela’s Arietta. yes, he really is that skinny.

  2. kram1032 Says:

    I hope the exams are going well.
    Much luck with them and happy progress after that. :)

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