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Windmill Hut Interview

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For those who missed yesterday’s broadcast of the interview, here’s the recording.

Also, the audio for the trio, demo #5, is officially recorded. As soon as the video is done, it will be finally released. We still don’t have a definitive date for the video, but we expect to record it next week.


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So here’s a mini post about a mini-experience with IRC chat over at my website.

You’re welcome to drop by for the freshest mini-updates (I so much prefer IRC to twitter). I also need to test my logbot to see if anything said over there while I’m absent is properly recorded.


Also, here’s a mini-instrumental:

Just a little reorchestration of the original for fun while I write the Fisherman’s Arietta and Duet. It’s a funny lighthearted number for bass and tenor that uses this theme.


And a mini-Q&A:

MishieruHime: Are there plans to cast children in the opera?

I am very picky about children’s voices. If they are appropriately good, however, I don’t see why the Bombers shouldn’t appear in the Clock Town Choir, for example. If you mean child soloists, then my pickyness quadruples! A child soloist for Pamela, for example, isn’t planned at all, but if there ever is a chance to get a very VERY VERY good one, I don’t see why not.


Gregory Smith: A question that has been bugging me for a while, but I keep forgetting to ask: You are currently writing for Great Bay, but you have already written and recorded Pamela’s Arietta from Ikana Canyon. Does this mean you have more written than your progress bars claim?

Pamela’s Arietta was the single extra-act exception. I liked the number and thought it appropriate for a demo, so I wrote it in advance. The first thing I wrote for the opera wasn’t the beginning of Act I either, but a Deku Palace instrumental, to test my bagpipe VST samples. The opera is being written linearly 99% of the time.

Right now, however, a third exception is occurring. I am separating Act II into unlinked parts, for the first number has stretched too much and I need to know what material will be repeated later on in the act, in order to cut it off of the exceedingly long beginning. Once I am pleased with every single number, I will work on the connections. It remains a tough nut to crack, but I will get it right and move on to Act III.

As regendo said, answering your question with his thoughts, I do write down whatever comes to my mind for later use as well, but never as ready as something like Pamela’s Arietta. They’re just some pages with notes (of both kinds).

Updates, another (audio) interview and Q&A #17

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Once again we meet in this shady corner of the internet!

I have been interviewed again, with other questions. This time in audio format, and it will be broadcast over at the Windmill Hut at 7:00 PM PST on Wednesday the 25th of July. Thanks to Nova Amalak!

(Do not use the main flash stream, for it is buggy. Use the multi-player tune-in on the top left, or just directly choose a player below that.)


Apart from that, here’s what has been going on, for those who care to read:

The audio for the Clock Town Choir demo has been completely recorded, and is currently being mixed. We are still working around a way to make the video.

We’re one day short of finally completing the audio for the Trio (Anju, the Postman and Anju’s Mother), and I expect the video to be recorded as soon as possible. Although the date for that has not been specified yet, it will definitely be the next demo.

The recordings for another demo, a quartet between Kafei, the Monkey, the Deku King and the Deku Princess, have already begun.

The animation for the Giant’s Aria is going well, as is the recording of its audio.

The video for Majora’s Aria has also been recorded, yet the audio is not final. It might be the very last demo to come out, as the definitive audio is only expected to be ready at the end of August.

Those were the news on all five remaining demos.


Now it’s time for another short Q&A:

LinkinaMask: [referring to Demo #4]: The animation is good but how do you expect to take that to the stage?

The Deku would enter the swamp set, where Kafei has already been before this. The king would be the center of that sort of parade, while two stronger Deku would bring the squirming Monkey in and tie him to a pole like in the game. The planned sets allow for the cauldron to come in, although the Monkey would instead remain tied to the pole, as it is near impossible to sing well while upside down. As I have already said, the monkey doesn’t die, so he is first left to “marinate” in the steam coming from the cauldron, while tied to the pole. They don’t get to execute him due to the chain of events that follows.


f(x)=12/x: Will Anju and Kafei have multiple musical themes, or a single one like Sakon? And, if you can tell, which are those? I know I could wait for the next demo with Anju, yet I couldn’t help asking.

Anju has an indirect connection to the Song of Storms, while they both share the theme of their marriage, which plays in the game in the end credits.


f(x)=12/xWhat’s the name of the metallic-bongo-ish instrument that plays for more than half the demo (especially from 4:30 onward)?

You mean in Kafei’s Dream, the instrumental? They’re literally metallic pipes, of the sort you would find in sewers. Anything can be used as a percussion instrument, really.


animesquirt: So for Kafei’s Dream, is it JUST going to be a dance, or are lyrics eventually going to be added?

It is just a dance, yes. It’s one of the opera’s instrumental dance numbers, the longest, in fact. Another dance number has been uploaded a long time ago, the battle between Odolwa and the Deku. Each act is supposed to have one of these numbers.

An interview

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Eric Buchholz over at Radio Hyrule asked to interview me. I gladly accepted! :)

You can read it here.

Thanks, Eric!


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Thank you very much so far!

At this point I wish I had a demo ready, but sadly I don’t.

I am, however, releasing Kafei’s Dream as a 320 kbps mp3, as a gesture of thanks.

Here’s to another 1000!

Q&A #16 and 999 likes

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Wow! 999 likes on Facebook! I wonder who’s gonna be the 1000th. Many thanks to you all so far. :)


Now a short Q&A:

Samuel O’Keefe: Will the Final Hours theme be included? I hope so!

Most definitely! It’s a theme I’ll be glad to develop on, as it will dominate most of Act III’s end.


Ong Yu Han: Hmm, I’m curious have you read this? It’s quite intriguing.

It’s brilliant, that’s what it is. I had read that article a long ago as well, after the other one by Hylian Dan, and it’s a strong basis for the personality of Majora. The refusal of growth and the perversion of the self from that forceful nature shows in everything she says and does. I recommend that everyone read that article as well.


MajoraDoesTheMoonwalk: I read an earlier question asking if ‘the thieves’ were making an appearance. I assume by ‘thieves’ you mean the Terminan Gerudo?

I cannot trace down a single question that mentions the word thieves. I did answer a question about pirates, saying that there is no honor among thieves, and I was referring to the Gerudo indeed. As I have answered there, the Gerudo will appear.


MajoraDoesTheMoonwalk: Are you in any of the demos, and will you be in the actual play?

I appear as the Mayor in the first demo’s video because the original singer couldn’t come on that day. I also appear as the first person Sakon robs on the second demo, and as the ReDead on the third.

I am flattered that you think I am opera material, but no. The actual staging of the opera will require actual operatic singers. The demos are placeholders for people to have a notion of how the music sounds. It will sound very different when everything necessary is in place.


An announcement, by the way: If a question is asked to which the answer already exists in this blog, it will not be answered again. Please do your reading, people. I’m not posting here just because I feel like it.

Miscellaneous updates

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Long time no see!

The exams are eating my brain. They will be over this Wednesday, thankfully.

Here’s the current plans:

– More recording sessions for the trio will happen this Wednesday, next Friday and during the next week.

– Recordings for a quartet to come later on will begin during the next week as well.

– The Giant’s Aria is progressing well, now that awesome animator Aaron Kline and awesome singer Donald Frank are free to continue their work on it.

– After the exams I will enter turbo mode in writing and cover a huge portion of the opera, as I still intend to finish the writing by September. Rewritings and revisions will obviously have to happen, as there are already several things noted down to be improved.

If everything goes well, there will be a series of close releases starting at the end of July.