Exams and Q&A #15

Oh, exams… Why don’t you let my mind rest?

I am overflowing with extra classes. No surprise there. There is, however, the issue that Majora’s Aria has suffered an important setback, so the trio is once again the likely next demo. It has, however, not progressed much yet. But a lot can change in a couple of weeks!


Sasori of the red sand: Will we get to see The Indigo-Go’s perform?

Kafei has no access to Zora Hall, so I’d say no. Even if he did, how would he get Lulu’s eggs back, especially those underwater at Pinnacle Rock?


TheGameInformer: If this full project (hopefully) ever comes to fruition, would you be posting the entire thing on Youtube?

That would depend entirely on how it would come to fruition. Imagine it gets supported to become commercial to pay for all the artists, or instead it gets reduced to the state of fan effort, severely limited and unable to gather enough of a budget to match the vision?

These are two of many different outcomes. There is no way of knowing anything about such a far-off situation at this point. Remember, I’m still writing.


Gregory Smith: Have you ever read this (lengthy) article?

I most definitely have read that masterpiece. The theological background of the opera is strongly influenced by it. Before Zelda Informer changed layouts, I had commented on the article, thanking Hylian Dan for that inspiring jewel and mentioning directly that it would have a massive influence on my work. I should do it again, in fact.

I encourage everyone to read that brilliant article.


malionx: Ok, final question from me, and I know it is on every single person’s mind. All of them biting their nails awaiting the precious answer… Tingle… in or out?

There is no solo part for Tingle. However, the Clock Town choir will include all current inhabitants of Clock Town. Tingle is in Clock Town, therefore he will appear as one of the voices in the choir.


Gustavo Belmontes: You gonna make one about Igos Du Ikana?

One… what? An aria in the opera? Yes. I have already mentioned that in the last Q&A. A demo? If you read the list of planned demos, you’ll find that there is no demo planned for Igos. All demos are from Act I, except for Pamela’s.

5 Responses to “Exams and Q&A #15”

  1. Gregory Smith Says:

    I now have complete faith you will do the game justice knowing you read that before starting.

  2. well if Tingle is in it then… kooloo-limpah!

  3. Hmm, I’m curious have you read this? http://www.zeldainformer.com/news/comments/immortal_childhood
    It’s quite intriguing

  4. Matthew Pak Says:

    in the majora opera, is link going to be included at all?

    • f(x)=12/x Says:

      If “at all” means “even as a cameo, an aside appearence, or whatnot”, I think it’s implied that no, he won’t be included at all: as I see it, either he’s there and does what a hero does (including saving Termina and other major plot events, which seem the main purpose he has for being there) or he isn’t there at all.
      Also, being mute and all, so far he wouldn’t fit in the opera Bulteau’s making, if not as a ‘deus ex machina’ (coming out from nowhere and solving all the situations on his own, then going away without truly developing, as he’s already an hero).
      [In “developing” I also included having in-universe reasons for acting, which applies to Kafei, but not to Link. It’s not a proper inclusion, but I couldn’t find another word.]
      …Ok, I’ve written too much. Sorry, but I never manage to be fast.

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