Q&A #14

The Wolfess: I don’t remember having seen anyone ask about this yet, and I’m sure you’re not releasing much information about the Ikana region yet, but I was wondering if the Ikana Castle (and its resident talking Stalfos/dancing Redeads) will make an appearance in the opera? Also, will they play a big part or small part if they are included?

Ikana Castle and its king will most definitely make an appearance. He plays an important role, but no longer in duration than that of most denizens of Termina Kafei meets. I don’t think his guards will appear, though, neither will the dancing Redeads. Act III is rather focused on the uneasiness of the valley, and having Redeads dance like they do in the game wouldn’t fit.


Josef StylinDoes Odolwa play a big part in the story? Will anybody need to fight him, considering he’s an evil force made by Majora? And is he the only boss to appear/be mentioned?

Odolwa is crucial for the giant to be revealed. The Deku end up accidentally confronting Odolwa due to Kafei’s intrusion in the monkey’s execution. I do think that he is the only boss to appear, especially because no other is either humanoid (for staging purposes) or as easily accessible (Kafei cannot possibly reach Snowhead, for example).


BowserTheSecondWill Kotake and Koume appear in the play?

I tried! I love their theme and I can hear a duet for their voices fitting it so well! But there is no way that could happen without extending Act I too much for something that isn’t even plot-related. Sorry, but Kotake and Koume have to join the unused cast.


Jan Philipp Emanuel: [regarding Kafei’s Dream] Just AMAZING! Is this the opening music? From the tone and quality, it could very well be!

Nope. This is from Act II. Kafei passes out after being thoroughly exhausted in the pursuit of another fruitless lead on Sakon, and dreams.


BlodhArget: [regarding Kafei’s Dream] The end transitions a bit into Sakon’s leitmotif. I wonder what that means for the plot?

Listen again. The moment Kamaro’s Dance is over, Sakon’s theme appears in full! So it’s not just the end. In fact, the entire dream is riddled with Sakon’s theme in all shapes and forms. Kafei is dreaming of his thief, along with other things.


Oscar Suncin: Amazing, Kafei will be a tenor or a baritone? Please let him be a baritone!

Sorry. Kafei’s voice is way more suited for tenor. You already heard him sing in Demo #4.

6 Responses to “Q&A #14”

  1. kram1032 Says:

    Aww, no Kotake and Koume.
    I can see how they would be difficult to add but their themes are indeed awesome!
    Though, MM is FULL of awesome themes, including those it kept from OoT. And you’ve already shown us just how awesome they can get in the context of an opera. – That being said, it will probably be even way better than now, once the songs are finalized.

  2. Ok, final question from me, and I know it is on every single person’s mind. All of them biting their nails awaiting the precious answer…

    Tingle… in or out?

  3. Sometimes, I feel that you spend more time looking for and answering questions than you do making progress on the opera.

    I’m just joking of course – it’s nice to see someone who actually bothers to converse and answer questions fans have.

    And, also – the music is so amazing. My favorite of the vocal demos is #3 (Pamela’s Arietta), and my favorite instrumental was for a long time, Victory and the Giant, though that changed when you uploaded Kafei’s Dream.

  4. I May have over looked it but I have not seen anything for the Zora yet. I am very excited to see what you come up with ^//^ Also do you allow online contributions to your choir? I will gladly try out if you do. I would love to be part of this.

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