Kafei’s Dream

Instrumental for the longest dance sequence in the opera, a pot-pourri of several themes. Some harder to find when it gets dense.

Kafei succumbs to exhaustion after another fruitless effort and passes out. In the moments between sleep and wakefulness, he hears a strange melody, right before drifting into a confusing dream.


As for progress, tomorrow I will be recording more of Majora’s Aria, and if it works out well it will be the final recording. So the audio will be ready to be mixed, and the next step will be the video.

3 Responses to “Kafei’s Dream”

  1. thedarkscythe Says:

    So I really, really love this whole thing. I’m really glad this is being done. I know not everything from the game is making it into the opera like Romani Ranch, but I was wondering if Ikana Graveyard will be in all of this? Specifically Captain Keeta and his soldiers. I can totally hear Keeta’s big, booming voice backed by a choir of his fallen men. Not sure if any of that coincides with your plot.

  2. estquer Says:

    I’ve been following this project closely since I discovered it about a week ago. Your orchestration choices are spot on – I don’t really know that much about percussion since I’m a viola player, but I love the mechanical clanking that you chose for the bass-line of the Great Bay Temple theme.

    Your work on this project – especially the orchestration – gives a really impressive sonority to the songs from this great game! The original tunes were great, of course, but there’s only so much sonority that can fit in a midi. I can’t even begin to fathom how epic a live performance of this opera would be!

    Anyway, sorry for rambling. Great work!

  3. Sasori of the red sand Says:

    Will we get to see The Indigo-Go’s preform? i know its not exactly opera but i think it might shake things up a little

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