Wherein I answer your questions for the 11th time

I must first thank Zul for writing such an awesome article about Majora upon which I stumbled some hours ago. Check out his blog!

Now, before the Q&A begins, I must tell you that the next demos will get harder to record and film. Firstly because they are more complex, and secondly because this time of the year is a bit complicated for many people who are working in the project.

It has been therefore decided that the intended two-week release schedule can no longer work (yes, because it actually worked like what, once?), and although I’d like it to be no longer than three weeks, I shouldn’t promise what I’m not sure I can deliver.

Rest assured, though, that everything is rolling, albeit slower in the recording department now. The writing is doing great, and it will speed up immensely two weeks from now if everything goes well (a.k.a. if I don’t spontaneously combust). You can always track the little progress bar on the right to tell where I am.


Right! Q&A time:

Encee37: [referring to Demo #1] Did you make a few changes to this since the first upload?

Rewritings will happen once the opera is completely written first. Errata is noted down to be solved later. If you want details, besides minor orchestration issues, the first demo will have a slight lyrics rewrite to evidence the Mayor’s connection to Kafei better. What was once an easter egg (like the many in the score, in all shapes and sizes) actually needs to be clearer now.


Worldrescues: This is amazing. Is there any way we can donate to show our support or something?

I can’t remember if I answered something similar already. I like to be fair to you people, and it seems pointless to ask for donations when they’re not going for something palpable as of now (unless you would like to buy me a new PC, I’m tired of this over-a-decade old XP behemoth *HINT* *HINT*).

Seriously though, this is the writing phase of the project, and the demos are meant to raise awareness. All those willing to donate are encouraged to keep that enthusiasm alive until (or if) we actually need donations. Dealing with money officially before contacting Nintendo is asking to be shut down.


firelegendmushroom: That is fantastic! How do you plan to represent the Deku on-stage?

Every character in the opera will be humanoid (you can already guess at some of those who will not appear from this). Firstly to keep the focus on the characters’ emotions and the human aspects of the story, and secondly to minimize the many issues arising from an already complicated staging.

That said, the Deku will be people, basically. They will, however, resemble their counterparts as much as possible, while avoiding ridiculously forced attempts at getting TOO close to their original anatomy.

The general tone is the important thing in the entire opera.


Cynthia Mc Cartney: [referring to Demo #4] I hope it won’t end like this. I mean Kafei has to rescue the princess in order to awake the giant, no?


FrostPuppy9996: [referring to Demo #4] It was really amazing, but the first time I watched this, the abrupt end of the video signalling the torture to commence made it seem like censored death. It wasn’t though, was it??

Haha! If your questions are hinting at the general suspicion regarding the monkey’s fate, I can tell you the monkey isn’t boiled. I actually just found it to be a fitting end for the demo. Simply imagine that same video ending without the splash. Would it sound as conclusive or as strong?

In the game, though, they do dip him in the cauldron, repeatedly, but he doesn’t die. I want to avoid that cartoonish aspect in the opera, so the video was just a crossover of the actual danger of the cauldron with the events in the game.


Adam: How old do you think Kafei is in this opera?

Do you mean what stature? His age never changed, although Skull Kid did curse him to look like a child in the game. As I have already said before, that aspect is not as important as his shame for having lost the Sun Mask, so his height will be a secondary issue.


There are more questions queued, I just don’t have the time right now to answer them. They will be answered soon.

Also, feel free to ask more people from the project any specific questions you might have, from the singers to the animator, or Miguel Jesus, mixer and engraver extraordinaire, a man of many talents! Most of them unknown.

He’s also named after a deity, so bonus awesomeness points for that. I mean, how many of you can say you’re working WITH THE SON OF GOD?


Ok, that’s enough for now. Over and out.

4 Responses to “Wherein I answer your questions for the 11th time”

  1. Thank you so much for linking to my blog! I’m glad you liked what I wrote! Keep up the amazing work!

  2. Caleb_Megarexs Says:

    This is a minor question, but How many demo’s will you be doing, and are you/have you been in any of them yet?

    • There are 9 demos overall, and I think he’s been in 2 of them (The Mayor and Pamela’s Father, the Gibdo). Also, Thanks for replying to my question!

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