Demo #4 – Deku Palace Choir

I am not sure whether the trio will be ready for demo #5, so I would rather not make predictions.

I apologize again, for the theme is barely developed on. The good news is that all the demos that have no development have been released. From now on, every demo will develop on its themes.

The visuals were made by talented animator Aaron Kline.

Also, I’m back on track! As you can see on the right, the bar for Act II has progressed. I have finished Darmani’s Aria and am now writing Kafei’s Dream.

5 Responses to “Demo #4 – Deku Palace Choir”

  1. Another great demo. Everything you’ve released so far has been awesome!

    I actually just replayed this part of the game today. I’m replaying Majora’s Mask right now, in no small part inspired by your work on this!

    I really like the visual style for this demo. It fits well with the shadow visuals in the other three so far!

    Can’t wait to see what else you have in store, loving it so far!

  2. kram1032 Says:

    I love it!
    At first it seems like a quite normal take on the cheerful Deku Palace theme but then they start singing and that cheerfulness is countered by the extreme darkness of the lyrics.
    The Deku King’s voice has an awesome resonance to it too.
    It’s interesting to listen to the Deku who almost sound like children (I guess they are rather women), maybe because the tune is actually quite simple like the one of a children song… Children singing a deadly choir. A very similar contrast in a different context.

  3. Arghh… I need to see more. MORE! Also, how old do you think Kaife is in this opera?

  4. kram1032 Says:

    How many people are in the choir in actuality and how many virtually?
    (I have the feeling that you might have made people sing multiple instances and mixed it together into one choir?)
    It sounds absolutely terrific either way :)

  5. Ah, Deku Palace is my favourite song in this game! Very good job on it, the choir sounds cool! :)

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