Setbacks and Q&A #10

A slight health problem has been stopping me from writing lately, but not from setting up recording sessions.

Last Friday and Saturday were all about recording voices for the Clock Town choir, the Deku Palace choir, and the Trio that is supposed to be Demo #4. If by any chance the trio isn’t ready on time, the Deku Palace choir might be.


Jack Archer: I have a little (and legitimate) story-based question: Wouldn’t Cremia fit in some way in the story, even as a simple mention? That is considering that in the game, if asked while wearing Kafei’s mask, Anju’s mom mentioned her as possibly being involved in Kafei’s disappearance.

Yes, although she doesn’t appear, Cremia will most likely be mentioned in the conversation between Anju and her mother on the night of the second day.


Noeland Cloud: Here’s a question for you. Do you plan on going back to work on any of the lyrics and scores of the demos released now and in the future? Since they are just demos, I would assume they aren’t final versions of the songs and that they will be primed up and made to flow much better than they already do. Just wondering, thanks. Love what you’ve done so far. :)

As I have said before, a lot of this will be revised, re-revised, and re-re-revised. As you’ve said rightly, demos are just that: Demos. The simple fact that the finished product requires operatic singers is already a big change in itself, along with orchestration and lyrics.


tarabaci: [referring to Demo #2] In the lyrics there are a lot of words with a “sh” sound. Is this on purpose because it’s like the “Sssh!” in “Sssh! Someone’s coming this way!”? I hope you know what i mean. :)

The sibilant sounds are used on purpose, yes, because they evoke a specific sneaky mood. It is also related to why the lyrics are the way they are.

I’ve also found it very interesting that some people complain about his excessive rhyming with obscure words, but that is actually Sakon’s rhyming scheme. He is a greedy, petty, pretenTIOUS shell of a man who clumsily tries to look better than what he really is, and fails miserably. It just adds to the frustration that such an ridiculously empty and despicable coward can be the cause of Kafei’s sorrows. I feel like punching him in the face, don’t you?

Also, I don’t know if you noticed, but no other character you’ve seen so far has the sort of speech he has.


dadelovezelda: [in Demo #3] Are you really that thin or you used some kind of effect to do the Gibdo? I’m really curious!!

I am really that thin. Actually, my torso looks a bit wider than it actually is in that demo, because of the light’s angle!


bloodocean07: [referring to Stone Tower Instrument Test] Awesome! What instruments did you use?

Shawm, soprano recorder, alto rauschpfeife, lure, schaefer bagpipe, piers bagpipe, bohemian bock, rattle of goat nails, bass krumhorn, one hand flute, zither, ullis leier hurdy-gurdy and davul.


Sara Perillo: I was wondering whether the opera would be composed entirely of music from Majora’s Mask – adaptations and extensions of tracks therein – or whether it would be a mix of Majora music and original pieces. I think it’d be wonderful either way – I’m just curious :)

Well, it depends on what you mean by extension. The development the Mayor’s theme goes under, for example, is the kind of thing I’m talking about. I use the game’s original themes and develop on them. Some will be more developed on than others, from using a specific cell and expanding on it to keeping a harmonic basis to do the same, etc, and it’s not just because a specific demo doesn’t develop on a theme that it won’t suffer any sort of development during the opera.

One of the upcoming demos, the Clock Town choir + Kafei’s recitativo, just has a little bit of development during the recitativo, but the theme itself is used in various different contexts all over the opera, from basic mode transitions (Demo #2, right before Sakon’s theme, you hear Clock Town’s theme in minor) to full-fledged developments or mixes with other themes (the Song of Storms in act 2, for example).

Some themes will suffer complete overhauls, like the victory fanfare you hear in the instrumental sample for the battle with Odolwa or at the beginning of Victory and the Giant. It is derived from the Deku Palace theme, although it’s impossible to tell unless you look at the score. In that sense, yes, you will be hearing original music along with the main themes, unless you can tell how the game’s themes were dismantled to make the new ones. I would rather call them original developments.

I intend the work to stay connected to the originals at all times, even if sometimes that can’t be discerned just by listening.

2 Responses to “Setbacks and Q&A #10”

  1. Sasori of the Red Sand Says:

    Will the three acts of the opera be broken up into the three days of Majoras Mask?

  2. kram1032 Says:

    “I am really that thin. Actually, my torso looks a bit wider than it actually is in that demo, because of the light’s angle!” – Mbulteau
    Are you sure you eat enough? xD

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