DEMO #3 – Pamela’s Arietta

As in the last arietta, the theme isn’t developed on, just sung to. Like with most themes, development comes later on in the scene, which in this case is but sketched yet.

For those expecting more developed, flashy and dynamic stuff, be patient. Not everything is a showstopper.
Demo #4 is expected to be a trio with quite the development, and if everything goes well, it will be flashy, dynamic and on time. :)

EDIT: Old video no longer available. Makeover here.

3 Responses to “DEMO #3 – Pamela’s Arietta”

  1. kram1032 Says:

    This was awesome :)
    But I’m really looking forward to Demo #4

  2. f(x)=12/x Says:

    That’s fine…I didn’t need to sleep tonight. (Only joking, but it was really creepy).
    I know it isn’t time yet, but (in the staged version of the opera) I suggest keeping the gibdo (or whatever it is) behind a curtain, as a shadow, until the very end of the scene (say 2:45-2:50 in the video). If you really mean what you pointed out in the youtube comment (“Daddy’s been under the weather…”), also add a picture of him…before…

    The council room trio is still my favourite. But that’s just my love for polyphony. As for the other, I assume you will develop them further in the opera, so you wanted to keep them simple here.

  3. Song of Healing Says:

    Fantastic. You’ve captured the slightly scary cheeriness of the music-box house in relation to Ikana. I also like the Council Room trio, which, again, perfectly captures the argument between the civic dignataries. I love the way you embellish the music in the game, and how you focus on impressive scenes.
    You should have a song focused on the Final Hours, and how the different characters react- Mutoh bawling at the moon, the postman, stuck in his schedule, wishing for escape, the swordsman, hiding from the apocalypse, Gorman, drowning his sorrows in milk, the clock town guards, staring in horror at the incoming disaster…
    And then Kafei and Anju: “We shall face the dawn…together.”

    You’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t you?

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