Q&A #8

Act II is being a tough nut to crack!

Meanwhile, Q&A #8:

Rick: Did you get perfect take every time, or are there bloopers? Or did you delete those?

Sakon’s video has very short bloopers. I did not delete them, and they will probably be released in some way to appease the gods of deadlines.


Trevor: From what I’ve seen, you are taking Link’s role and replacing him with Kafei (essentially) What kind of interaction with the Ikana do you think he will have?

Glen has already replied to your comment quite rightly, but I will just add that I have already said Kafei is no professional explorer like Link, or a hero in the grand sense. Kafei is in no way replacing Link. He is serving as a point of view for more of Termina to be shown to the audience while being in a quest for his wedding mask.

Regarding Ikana, I cannot develop on that right now, but suffice to say there will be a way for him to actually reach the ruins and Pamela’s house. It is related to the moment where Kafei and the Happy Mask Salesman, along with their parallel quests for different masks, eventually do meet.


Jennifer: Are you going to include all of the songs from the Majora’s Mask soundtrack, or are you going to have to skip a few? I imagine it might be difficult to fit in things like Kamaro’s Dance, and if Link’s not there then songs like Zelda’s Lullaby and the Song of Time probably wouldn’t make sense to include.

I will include as many as one can without forcing it, or making tangents to the story. As I have already said, for example, there will be no room for Milk Road or anything from that region without making it a weird tangent, or an appendix of some sort.

Link-related themes like those you mentioned will indeed not appear, as it would make no sense. Termina Field’s theme is an arrangement of the classic Zelda theme, always related to Link, and it too will not appear. Kamaro’s Dance, however, will, as part of a bigger dance number called Kafei’s Dream, involving other simultaneous themes and a long development.


Aloneus81: I think the encounter with King Igos du Ikana is prefect for this. I hope you do that one too!

I most certainly will. It’s an important bass aria. Although it is not a planned demo. The list of upcoming demos is already up on my website.


kaialone: [referring to the Victory and the Giant instrumental] Are those bits that sound like Saria’s Song the Skull Kid´s Leitmotif?

Apologies for having overlooked this question. D:

Yes, they are. Although Skull Kid’s leitmotif will be evoked very little, since he is utterly consumed by Majora’s Mask.


noah prosper: Is this going to be on iTunes, or on CD?

As of this point, I don’t know yet what will be done with the opera’s music as far as music tracks go. If crowdfunding is ever necessary, for example, then there will be tracks and/or CDs available as rewards for donations.


Kram1032: The Stone Tower Temple is my favourite theme of probably the entire Zelda series. If that’s just a test, I’m really curious how you will implement it to your opera.

I like that theme a lot too. There will be an incursion into Stone Tower because of the Happy Mask Salesman’s desperate search for a way to get the mask back from Skull Kid. But the theme will be used in other contexts, like Igos du Ikana’s aria. It will be modified to fit his nostalgic and brighter view of Ikana before it started spiraling down to oblivion.


craizyboy1197: And… what happened to the Opera??


It’s… being written?

2 Responses to “Q&A #8”

  1. Gregory Smith Says:

    If Nintendo refuses to allow this project to be performed, would you release the sheet music/any recordings you have for other people to use (and possibly perform outside of Nintendo funding)

  2. The J-Bomb Says:

    Are there any aspects of the opera you wish to include, but fear you might not be able to?

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