Demo #2 – Sakon’s Arietta

P.S: My website is temporarily down. It will come back up soon. :)

EDIT: Old video no longer available. Makeover here.



3 Responses to “Demo #2 – Sakon’s Arietta”

  1. Moblinarea Says:

    Who plays the background music? Is it actually instrumental or do you just make it?

  2. EclipseThief Says:

    :D Sakon!!! Yaay! I was hoping his aria would be the next demo. Rock on!

  3. I love the second demo as much as the first one! The best part of this demo is the ending, for me. When Sakon ‘whispers’: “Ssh! Someone’s coming this way!” and leaves, I begin to think, who is actually coming? Is it a guard or another poor citizen who will be robbed? Or who?
    I’m definitely going to follow your project! Bravo!

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