Q&A #3

Time for Q&A!

Tetra: Will all demos be shadows behind a veil?

Sadly, yes. At this point, we don’t have the means to create believable costumes or sets. I’m focusing on the music, and it was actually a last minute idea to make the first demo into three arguing silhouettes. It struck me as more pleasant than just a slideshow of lyrics, and I’m sure you agree. One of the demos, the Giant’s Aria, will look the same way, but they won’t be real shadows, as the giant tells a story that cannot be portrayed decently with just that. As I said before, it will be a projected animation of silhouettes.


Person: So how will it end? If Link isn’t there to “save the day”, does everything fail? Do Anju and Kafei end up being Romeo and Juliet?

Sorry, I chose not to disclose details about the ending so far.


ttkittycat94: So is this really legit? As in, people will be able to go see it in a theater? Or is this just a fandom thing you’re creating?

I intend to make it that way, yes, an actual opera, with orchestra, on stage, with sets and everything. I realize there is still a long way to go, as I haven’t finished writing it yet (you can track the progress on the right). I also need to inform Nintendo properly of the idea, hence the demos. Things are in motion, and I can’t say for sure what the actual fate of the opera will be, since Nintendo’s answer will condition what can be done, where and how.


tranland: This looks and sounds wonderful! When did you start this project? And do you have a rough idea of when you plan to finish it?

If you want to get specific, I had the idea for this opera years ago, and I can’t remember when. It was just vague, and it was more of an utopian thing. Last year, though, on the 25th Anniversary of The Legend of Zelda, I saw what the Zelda Symphony Orchestra was doing, and thought “why not?” After thinking of it properly, deciding how it would be built and what would have to be left out or included, I started composing on the 28th of November. I intend to finish writing the 3 acts at most in September. As for the actual conclusion of the score’s revision, that will depend on the stamina of the voluntary masochists that are helping me with it. Thank you! ^_ ^

3 Responses to “Q&A #3”

  1. Jenny191 Says:

    Will the skull kid, or a figure that cursed Kafei be in this later on or will just human like characters be in this production?

  2. Caleb_Megarexs Says:

    How long, would you say, until the release of the second demo?

  3. in the demo, is captain viscen played by a woman?

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