Updates and Q&A #2

Three more demos have been recorded and are ready to be set to video!

The first is the Giant’s aria. It was recorded at the time of the fugato, and requires a flash animation as an example of what is to be projected to describe the story the Giant is telling. It now has a potential animator who is working on it.

The second is Sakon’s Arietta, which will probably be the first of the three to be shown.

The third is Pamela’s Arietta. I wrote this snippet from Act III especially for the demo, and it was recorded this week.

As you can see by the progress bars on the right, I have started Act II, and this will be another weekend of nothing but writing. I am currently at the end of an aria that will lead into a duet, and then grow and grow into a trio, a quartet, and probably a quintet with choir, involving the Carpenters, Anju, Kafei, the Happy Mask Salesman, the Mayor and Majora.


Some more questions have come to my attention:

whmurray11: Is this going to be more of an oral opera? Or will it include visuals as seen from the game?

If you mean whether it will use sets and costumes, I intend it to, and as close to the original as possible without compromising the work. I intend to sober up on the colours a bit to give it less of a “costume” vibe, but retain the looks to keep it surreal.


luccafantuzzi: Please, can you post the lyrics in your site?

There will be a section dedicated to the opera alone on my website. The mask on the title page currently redirects to this blog, but will soon redirect instead to that section, which is almost ready for upload. It will have the lyrics to this first demo, as of any other that is released.


soundwaveprimenerd: How do you plan to show Ikana without Link?

A good question! I believe you mean the actual ruins of Ikana, since Kafei and Sakon already seem to have access to the lower part of the valley. Well, if Pamela and her father already live up there, there must be a way up, no? Still, as the Happy Mask Salesman will also venture into Ikana shortly before Kafei, I believe a little bit of creative license can allow  for his mysterious powers to leave Kafei with an access of some sort, within the boundaries of common sense.

4 Responses to “Updates and Q&A #2”

  1. ttkittycat94 Says:

    So is this really legit? As in, people will be able to go see it in a theater? Or is this just a fandom thing you’re creating?

    • If you read the blog, then you’ll see that for the moment, it is a fan piece. However, once he has enough demo pieces, then he plans to put it to Nintendo, to get their “blessing”, as it were. Then he should (legally) be allowed to have it put out as a professional production. At least, that’s what I understand.

  2. I love the idea of an MM opera! Such a great game…
    I thought I’d suggest you check out Wreck a Movie, it’s a creative community which might be of help with a production like this.

    (I’m really not a spambot, I just think the site is pure genius. And it’s not just for movies, there’s a production going on for the Finnish opera festival this summer, they actually asked the internet to write them an opera! :D I can’t wait to see it!)

    Aanyway. You probably don’t need the help yet, but it might come in handy later. Or not, I don’t know. :) Either way, good luck with this! The idea is awesome and I wish you all the best!

  3. tranland Says:

    This looks and sounds wonderful! When did you start this project? And do you have a rough idea of when you plan to finish it?

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