Under construction

Give me some time, people, and this will be fully operational with a decent post on.

Meanwhile, let Guru-Guru entertain you:

La-da-dee... La-da-daa...

(from original GIF by chaoxys)

7 Responses to “Under construction”

  1. Garrett Gutierrez Says:

    I am absolutely intrigued by your idea and plan. I can’t wait to see more actually. You’re demo was amazing in my opinion. I was truly captivated by the characters regardless of Link’s absence. I hope to see you pursue this fully.

  2. I’d just like to wish you the best of luck in your project ^^ The demo is very effective, and I’m looking forward to hearing more! (I’m trying my best to get over there not being a Link, but it might take me a while…)

  3. I want you to know that a lot of people supports and that i’m really excited for the next one that i keep listenning the demo. Fully supports from spain!!!!

  4. Andrew Roby Says:

    I absolutely adore your Idea to adapt Majoras mask to the Stage and as for the absence of Link its not that big a deal. Link is the Players “link” to the world of the game and without a player no Link is needed. Please let me leave you with something I wrote perhaps to inspire you grand Idea further Good Luck !

    I just Beat Zelda Majoras Mask “Again” as the credits roll Link sit mounted upon Epona and Takes one last look up to the heavens In these mysterious woods before galloping off towards the light I wonder to myself What is it about this game that keeps me coming back.The land of Termina is a strange one filled with much mystery its so like Hyrule yet so diffrent somehow twisted and demented.I often find myself returning to explore every area from The mighty moutains sleeted in snow and ice, The overgrown and wild swamp where all manor of tribalism is practiced , The Great Bay beach A vast and unforgiving ocean containing secrects of the deep , And Ikana canyon Home of the dead and wayward sprits I walk these lands hearing the moans of the forgotten and the tales of blood and battle. I find myself exploring here so often what is it about this place that keeps drawing me back The challange the people the places creatures culture !?? Theres someing about the dark nature of this land I find irresistible. I may never know what it is I’m searching for but one thing is for certain I will continue to wander this land for many years to come each time I return playing the role of the lone wandering swordsmen in green. Termina theres something in the air both weird and wonderfull!

  5. Whatever happened with this shiz?

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